Wedding Preparations continue....

If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have a two whole boards dedicated to wedding images. In the beginning when we where making plans we weren't sure what way we where doing to go with it so I have a 1920's wedding inspiration board and a general wedding board.
One thing that's was important for us for the day was to have our nieces and nephews involved with little jobs. I really liked those little "here comes the bride'' signs and it would get a least three of the kids involved so I set out to make some.
I found these in the Dollarama Store for $1.25. Aren't they perfect for the job. I removed the chain and sprayed those puppies with some blackboard paint.
Now my hand writing is not by any stretch of the imagination good enough to free hand for this sort of project nor do I have one of those fancy machines, so I printed the words I wanted to use out on paper and covered the back of the word in pencil. It was a little trick I learned years ago { I have since seen this been done in chalk which probably makes more sense but that was after the fact}

Once the back was completely covered I put it in position on the board and using a pencil traced around the letters to leave a print on the  board. Which I then followed with a chalk marker, and filled in the spaces. I sanded down the whole lot and went over the writing again. I done the tracing/sanding cycle three times just to distress them up a bit.

For the handles I double plated hemp twine long enough to go over the kids heads and sit at about chest level. This was a total gestimate so I hope it pans out ;-)
The plan is that two of J's nephews will carry the "Uncle Justy" and "Here Comes" signs and my nephew will carry the "Aunty Shelly" one.

What do you think? For a non crafty person I think I did pretty well. I have a few more wedding projects to share so make sure to follow us on Pinterest, Instagram , Twitter and Bloglovin for updates.
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Hope you are all having a great week.
 Michelle xxx


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