Balcony Project...

If you follow us on Instagram you'll know we have been having a great time hanging out on our balcony this summer, so much so I never got around to sharing a couple of projects we completed for it but better late then never right....
J has access to some great scraps at work so when he told me he had a spool put away I knew exactly where we could use it. Some Balcony furniture of course...


 He used an old pallet to make up a frame and cut the two rounds off the spool. When we put it all together the spool proportion wasn't right but Mr. Clever clogs had another larger spool top also stored so he brought that one home to complete the job.
For now the original spool is being used as d├ęcor on the balcony but we intend to make it into a clock at some stage.
You likey?? I love it. it even has the old tags still in place which we intend to leave on. Stop by tomorrow for the full balcony reveal.
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Have a great week!
 Michelle xxx


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