Detox Completed...

Well we did it!! 9 days done and dusted. We are so glad we took on this detox and reset ourselves. We did not undertake it to loose weight, we literally needed to do something that would kick are butts back in gear. We had been doing really well last summer but what with one thing and another our exercise habits dwindled. We continued to eat relatively healthy but our major down fall was evenings and weekends, four days of being relatively good would be completely wiped out by the time the weekend was through. Now we know we are capable of making a change we are determined to keep it going.

As far as I'm concerned the process has rejuvenated me, I feel so much better. I've more energy, I've no bloating, my hair and skin is in better condition. I didn't find myself hungry at all and I didn't mind the aloe shot either. I thoroughly enjoyed the recipe trails for meals with less than 600 calories. I shared some of the meal inspiration here and some smoothie inspiration here. I made a chorizo and calamari salad one of the days and it was amazing. We totally stepped out of our fish box on that one!! I'll be sharing it later this week.  

If your interested in giving the detox or any of the wellness products a go.
stop by the Forever Living Gluten Free Facebook page , It's dedicated to the gluten free products available in the range.  For International shopping and shipping visit our website, simply select the country your in and you can shop to your hearts content.
Any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.
Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July to you all. Have a safe weekend everyone!
  Michelle xxx


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