Talent abounds at Rosecottage.....

Today I would like to introduce you to my future brother and sister in law over at Rosecottage. 
Rose and Mike are one hell of a talented couple. A builder by trade Mike can turn his hand to absolutely anything. He has not long finished refurbishing a Morris Minor which we will be featuring in our wedding in the coming weeks but also has a 1979 Ford fiesta, vintage Massey Ferguson tractor and land rover jeep under his belt.
Last summer he set out and made a tear drop caravan which is what I want to show you today. He built this beauty from scratch all on his own. Like seriously how cute is she!

These guys have the craftiness sewn up I tell you. They have a beautiful home, a poly tunnel packed to the rafters with their homegrown fruit and veg, chickens wandering freely and there is even discussions about adding a little piggy to the mix.

Mike's creative space is something out of this world. We could actually set up home in the garage. But back to the Tear Drop. Completely customizable, the camper is small enough to fall under the small trailer category with most ferry companies.  We can't wait to get back and see her in the flesh, and have already put in an order for one ourselves.
Isn't that the cutest kitchen you have ever seen. There is no excuse for not getting out and about in this. You'd be the talk of the town. They also have an old school canvas tent to go along side her when they take it out camping.
If your interested in getting more information on the campers, please feel free to drop him an email
So while Mike is working on his projects Rose spends her time baking and has recently started attending markets and fair's selling her wares.
These beauties attended the Duagh Summer Festival this weekend and sold like hotcakes. You can see why right!!
Aside from baked goods Rose has a range of old school jam's and chutney's from her mam and grandmothers recipes and is working on a range of hampers too.
We wish them both the very best of luck for their future ventures and hope you guys like what's on offer. You can follow and get in touch with Rosecottage here should you want any information on the Tear Drop or the Hampers.
Happy Hump Day!! Roll on the weekend..
 Michelle xxx


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