Dun Dun Dun...Balcony Reveal

Way way back last year I shared with you some pictures of balcony inspiration that I hoped to use on our own space this summer. We'll we finally got our act together and started putting some things together. 

Here she is in all her move in glory. Your standard boring rental balcony. Obviously I cant paint anything so the next option is obviously hiding the evidence. I won a voucher for Home Depot from Katie Nathey of Upcycled Treasures and decided to use that on some bamboo screening to cover the railings. We used cable ties to attach it to the railings and cut it down to railing height.  Our balcony is connected to our neighbors so for a bit of privacy there and from the building across the road we decided to leave some at the 6ft height in that particular corner. 
 We hung a couple of window boxes on the railings for some greenery, but my black thumb has reared it's ugly head and all the planting I did died. My future planting options will be cactus plants I fear. Surely I'll manage to keep those going....
Here's the boy doing what he does best!

This is our eating space. I shared with you the spool makeover earlier this week, you can read about it here and the high chairs I had from a breakfast island in our previous rental. They where cream and a yucky green color so, they got a bit of sprucing with some pretty blue paint but that was before I had this little blog so I'm afraid I don't have pictures of them before.
On the other side we have a nice little relaxation space with two Adirondack chairs we got on sale in Canadian Tire. J had fun putting those bad boys together. I was busing sewing lavender onto our wedding invitations but helped by ordering in pizza. That's a good compromise right?!
As you can see we hung the original spool for the table out here for the time being. I think she looks better hanging up there if I'm honest. We are thinking we will make it into a clock at some stage and are on the look out for some nice clock fixtures.

I love coming home to this space after a day stuck in the window less office space. It is a whole host of tranquil. You can see to the right of the picture where we kept the screen high for some privacy. We'd love to know what you think, I can send himself over if your balcony needs a revamp, Let me know ;-)

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Have a great weekend!
Michelle xxx


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