The great chair debate...

For some time now (almost a year) we have been on the hunt for chairs to go with the dining table made by the super talented man in my life. You can catch it here.

We initially thought we would do six different style chairs like this

Then we came across wing chairs in Marshall's and considered doing these on the ends something like this

But the chairs were way out of our ickle budget so that idea was put to bed.

I recently come across these metal chairs that I think look amazing and would be a nice contrast to the table. 
The upside to this idea is that we  already have two rattan armchairs like the ones above which we could use. All they'd need is some new cushions.
However I really really like the idea of a bench on one side of the table like this
Decisions decisions decisions. I can't decide what is going to work best both for now in our rented space and for when we get our cottage. The table is quite big so I feel the bench would save some space but we already have the rattan chairs so that saves money. What do you think?
Michelle xxx


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