Friday night loves

Friday night in our house as kids was always fish and chip night. Our treat for the week and the only time we were allowed drink coca cola.
It went bit like this... ice cold glass of coke, a fresh slice of Brennan's with lashings of dairy gold butter to make the ultimate chip butty!! The fish was insignificant after that but eaten all the same. It was all about the chips.
Not the healthiest meal by any stretch of the imagination but hey we lived to tell the tale and have great memories to go with it.

I'm no longer able to eat all the delicious gluten laced batter and fluffy bread but have a great gluten free batter recipe I've been using when a taste if home is needed. It originally came from Robert M. Landolphi's Quick-Fix Gluten Free but I have adapted it in terms of seasoning using only what I had in the press at time and also its half the quantity of the original recipe as there is just the two of us in the house. Here is what I used.
Fish Batter
1/2 cup White rice flour
1/2 tbsp Gluten free baking powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Smoked paprika
1 Egg yolk
1/2 cup NickleBrook gluten free beer or ginger ale
2 talapia fillets (or whatever happens to be on sale)
Corn flour for dredging
Mix the flour,baking powder and paprika together. Add the yolk and beer whisking to form a smooth batter.
Pat the fish dry, dredge in cornflour and dip in the batter. Let the excess drip off and lower into hot oil. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, until browned.
Chop 3 russet potatoes into thick slices.
Rinse in cold water to remove excess starch.
Dry on kitchen towel removing excess water.
Heat your fryer (or a large saucepan with oil) to 320F.
Blanch the potatoes for 3 minutes and remove to tissue paper again to allow to cool.
I put mine in the freezer to speed up the process.
Once chips are cold increase oil temp to 350F and fry a second time until they start to float to the top of the oil and have turned golden brown. 
Delicious even if i do say so myself.  
Have you any other batter recipes you'd recommend trying. I'm always looking for something different to try.
Michelle xxx  
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