This is it, Don’t get scared now!!!

So my first post. Where to start?
I suppose a little bit about me is as good a place as any. I’m an old fashioned girl at heart. Love cozy cottages, wood burning stoves and being curled up on the couch reading a book with dogs at my feet.

I enjoy baking and cooking however being gluten intolerant I found it super frustrating in the beginning. After spending a small fortune on all the right flours and additives, hours in the kitchen yielded terrible results time and time again. My gluten free kitchen and I broke up for a while but have since patched up our differences. I hope to share some of my trials and hopefully masterpieces J

Gluten Free Profiteroles
In my previous life I enjoyed travelling and have visited wonderful countries along the way (which i will cover in later posts). Now the longer I am away the more “cottage dreaming” I do.

Until recently I had heard about Pinterest but had never visited the site. When I finally took a look I was hooked. Homes, interiors, gardening, recipes all at my fingertips and all achievable with small price tags unlike the glossy mags. Fast forward a few months and a much needed upgrade to my phone later the mister thinks something has come between us hehehehe

I have been in Toronto almost four years and the mister nearly five. We love the lifestyle here but miss the families massively. We have a simple dream to one day have a little country cottage to call our own,a bit of land with a menagerie of animals and god willing a few bambinos thrown into the mix.

Achievable??? We think so.


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