Bottom Drawer Collection

For the longest time my mam and I have been buying stuff for my "bottom drawer". It ran to include a complete bedroom set and a sofa at one stage when I got very excited about buying a house in Wexford which subsequently fell through.After that disappointment we figured it best to stick to smaller items :-)
 (I kept the bedroom set it was too good a deal to cancel the order)
I currently have an attic full of "small stuff" for when we get our cottage. ETA: Early 2015
Over the last year or so my mam and family have been putting together a collection of Nicholas Mosse pottery for us. Each piece was a present for either birthdays or Christmas.The heart plate was a gift for our engagement.
Someday I'd like to have a collection like this .
Please and Thank you Mammy dearest!!!

We also got some lovely copper pieces from the Limerick contingent. It's a family chest in old ogham writing. On the right is my surname and J's is on the left.

For those interested ogham is a system of symbols made up of strokes applied to the right, left or across a single vertical spine. The system is related to the five fingers of the hand so there are one to five strokes giving fifteen basic symbols. An additional five are given by slanting one to five across the line and at some stage five extra where added in the shape of an X, an O, a diamond, a cross hatching and a hook. Therefor there are a total of twenty five sounds available. Traditionally the writing was carved on standing stones using the edge of the stone as the line.


I decided to give it a 21st century try using No chiseling at stones for hours on end for me thank you very much!!

Pretty Cool me thinks!! Can you figure out what it says? 

Michelle xxx



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