How to Ditch TV...

When we moved into our last apartment we gave up cable tv as our first year was up and the company was racking up the fee almost 60% a month. We had hundreds of channels that were never watched and just couldn't justify the price to watch an episode of Coronation Street in the evening.

So we switched to a new internet provider and stream corrie from the CBC website when we need to need a fix. We also set ourselves up with a Netflix account for movies nights.
But now we have discovered Ditch TV. a new service which lets you channel surf the web and discover the best online videos quickly. They have some fantastic web series like Whatever, Linda and Does this baby make me look fat?
Whatever, Linda
The collection doesn't stop there though. Ditch TV has 26 stations covering a huge range of categories from Comedy, Documentaries  Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Travel.
The Tonight Show on Ditch TV

Does this baby make me look fat? on Ditch TV

Lonely Planet- 2 minute tours on Ditch TV

Gordon Ramsay on Ditch TV

Ditch TV has everything and more than you need to pass an evening and dare I say it... Winter is coming, long dark nights need light entertainment. Be sure to check out the channels and follow Ditch on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

 Saving money has never been so much fun..!

Michelle xxx


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