Signed, Sealed, Delivered.....

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know we've been working on our wedding invitations for the last few weeks. They are now done and have been mailed to my ever obliging Mammy in Ireland to be mailed from there -Canada post where looking for a crazy amount of money per invite to post them from here, but that's a rant for another day!

When I first started looking at invitation ideas I came across these from Botanical Paperworks. J and I loved the idea of the seeded paper and that once our guests have received their invite they can plant it and have pretty flowers as a cute token too. However when I got my samples I was unimpressed with the envelopes (just plain white) and thought this awesome idea for an invite needed something more to enhance it... sooo we came up with this

What do you think?

 We went through a load of different options but ultimately decided to stencil these burlap bags with our initials and sew on lavender sprigs.

The lavender tag came about as a late addition because, well lets see if you can figure out what's missing....

Do you see it??
There is no place to write or type in guests names. WTFudge!!!!!!!!!!!
Surely that's a necessity on all invitations right? Such a rookie mistake, how did we not see that I hear you ask? We are idiots is all I can offer..
After a lot of choice words and scolding myself I set about stencilling the bags. Not as laboursome as I'd expected. I set myself small batches to get through each evening which made it a lot easier I think. I used this stencil from Martha Stewart and white acrylic paint from the dollar store. I ran into a couple of small issues like the paint lodging in the stencil and ultimately the stencil didn't hold up for the final 10 bags. But I managed to adjust the stencil to finish them off. There are two slightly different M's on the bags but no one will even notice ;-)

See the different M's

J's job was to tie the lavender bundles which he did expertly :-)

As he finished those I was sewing them onto the bags.


And then the packaging process begins.
The purple mailers I got form Wrapping me up on Etsy 
The  lavender tags came from presto paper. Mailer labels and Clear labels are from Staples.

So that's our invites, What do you think? Worth all the effort or not? We are looking forward to seeing how our guests like them.

We have one planted and are waiting with bated breath to see if they actually work ;-)
rsvp card all set for planting
 Hope your having a great week. And enjoying the beginnings of summer.
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 Michelle xxx

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