One year on..

Today we are officially a year old and I have to say I am so very proud of this little space in blogger land. I have surprised myself by actually sticking with something for this long. I tend to get bored easily but I am really enjoying the social aspect and sharing my baking trials and project adventures. I have been very lucky to meet some really lovely people and learned lots of new tech skills.
I know I haven't been flat out blogging on a daily bases but I am trying to organize my time better and have lots of ideas for the next year. There are so many avenues for us to explore and hope to share them with you guys as we take each step. 
The last year has been such a learning curve, figuring out how all the blogging stuff works and I know there is a lot more to learn. I most recently discovered how to create a Facebook page for the blog which I think is a perfect blog birthday present :-) 
 pop on over and check it out.
Over the year I have shared some of the projects J has completed. My favourite was the chandelier he made to go over the dining table made from reclaimed oak flooring.
And I shared my Pinterest Recipe trials.
Along with my Adventures in Gluten Free Bread Making escapades
I made a start at documenting my travels prior to making my move to Canada and meeting my husband to be but so far have only gotten around to sharing the Peru trip. I have made a start on my China trip and hope to post it soon.
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Cheers to the next year and all it has to bring....
Michelle xxx


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