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If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I started  a Wandering Wednesday hash tag a few weeks back as a way of showcasing my travels before social media was a thing, and my move to Canada.

Some of the photos where actually taken on disposable camera and only exist in "old fashioned" prints, if you remember those ;-) Ha that makes me sound ancient but really technology has changed so much in the last decade we forget what we did before social media, right.

I was never a scrap booking kinda kid but having this blog has been my little creative outlet to get these things down while I still remember them and I've been really enjoying the trips down memory lane and sharing them with the hubby.

I've been slow posting I know, writing on an 8 year old laptop was a slow and frustrating process so I just had to walk away from it, but I now have a shiny new laptop and my home internet is being updated so excuses stop here!! I have big plans for this little world of mine, but for new lets get you caught up.

Last weeks #wanderingwednesday took us to Edinburgh, where I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with the girls, when we were all young {ok younger} free and single. Known as “the Athens of the North” Edinburgh has been recognized as the capital of Scotland since the 15th century.

Our first stop, pictured above was right outside our hotel, and is probably the most photographed cottage in the world. The Green keeper's Cottage, located in Princes Street Gardens, a public park in the center of the city. The gardens were created in the 1820s after Nor Loch was drained at the base of the castle due to years of pollution and is now a stunning centerpiece to the city.

The castle built on an ancient volcano is more than 120 meters above sea level and is 80 meters taller than the surrounding lands. Early history of the castle is patchy but it's believed to date back in some format to the bronze age.

The castle changed hands several time between Scotland and England during the Wars of Scottish Independence.  Besides housing battle ready soldiers and hosting queens it has served many other uses, including being used as an arsenal in the 15th century and a prison in the 18th and early 19th century.

Standing in the middle of the Royal Mile, aptly named as it's a mile long street with two royal buildings on each end, St. Giles Cathedral dates back over 900 years. During the Reformation it was divided into a mix use building with a police and fire stations, a school and coal store, as well as the Scottish guillotine and a women’s prison, remaining that way for 300 years

Touristy things aside there is plenty to see and do in the city, we only touched the surface. If your a Harry Potter fan you must stop by the Elephant House where J.K Rowling wrote the first book.

We've talked about making another trip, maybe making it our 20 year reunion to get us all back on one side of the world. For know though the memories we made will keep us going.

I hope you've enjoyed the brief trip around the city, if you get a chance do go visit. There are plenty of low cost flights out there. You will not be disappointed. If you've been there drop me a line, share your pics, I'd love to know your thoughts on the city.

 As always you can keep up to date with our antics on Instagram and Facebook or follow on PinterestTwitter and Bloglovin for updates.

Happy hump day all, enjoy the rest of your week.

Michelle xxx


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