The mini moon...

So we are back on Toronto soil as Mister and Misses.
Cannot believe it's been almost a month already

This is the one and only picture we have from the photographer at the moment. I'm hoping to have more soooon {patience is not something I have lots of} The wedding went off practically without a hitch and it didn't rain .. Yes you read that right it did not rain in Ireland!!
We spent a few days on the Ring of Kerry and stayed in the Parknasilla Hotel and Spa  after the wedding just soaking up the fantastic weather and enjoying our first days as husband and wife. Just take a look at these shots, we cannot believe how lucky we where.

 The image above is of "Ladies View" probably the most photographer spot along the Ring of Kerry, It got its name after
 Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting visited Ireland during a royal visit in 1861. They were so taken with the view that it was named after them.

The picture above where taken on the Castle trail on the grounds of Parknasilla. The colors and lighting were amazing.

The walled garden where the hotel has a huge vegetable patch to supply the kitchens daily

Dinner being caught!!

I just love the colors in these stones. They always say we should look to nature for our décor inspiration right.

Dating back to the mid 1800's Parknasilla has seen many a change in its life time. This is the main house with Spa underneath  to the left. There is also lodges and villas available to rent within the grounds.

If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen some other snaps, If you don't pop on over and see what my pretty little country can be like when mother nature plays ball. Or visit our Facebook page  for updates.
Hope your all having a lovely week.
Michelle xxx


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