diy ceremony booklets...

A few weeks sorry months back {can't believe how quickly the time is going by} we shared with you our wedding invitations.
Continuing on the seeded paper theme I set out to make our ceremony booklets. The Getting Married site is full of great information and has a booklet preparation section which helps you read and review all the possible readings for your mass and helps you to create the general booklet format.
It takes some time to edit and set out the document then as the programme only seems to create a single page word document but if anyone would like the word document {now in it's booklet format} please let me know. It could cut out some of the editing hours for you guys, your more than welcome to it!

When we ordered our invites, I ordered extra invite layouts but had them put the church details onto the seeded paper and also had blank seeded pages cut to the same size as the invite for the back of the booklet. 
After cutting the booklets to size on the guillotine I was ready to assemble. Not very technical, it took some trial and error but I got there. After aligning the front cover, printed booklet and back cover together using a bull clip to keep them in place, I used a standard hole punch to pop out the holes.
Next was to secure them with string. I inserted the string from front to back and then returned the string from back to front to allow me create a bow on the front of the booklets. You can check out the finished article here. Click the follow button while your there to keep up with all the other DIY things we have on the go!
 I was recently in HomeSense and came across these great shadow boxes which I thought would be a cute way to keep a sample of our invites and the booklet. Here it is ready to go on the wall. Just waiting on my trusty sidekick to sort that one ....
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I'm off for my final dress fitting tomorrow, cannot tell you how excited I am. Can't wait to see it again. Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Michelle xxx

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