Step 3 and a bit....

Ok so I've gotten no further on Step three in the last three weeks. Seriously has it been that long since I posted, where is the time going? It will be September before I know it...

The cavalry (my mam) arrives in two days to put the dress shopping to bed. We have back to back appointments and I hope we bang it out of the park this weekend. Did I tell you I dislike shopping, shopping for a wedding dress is not doing anything to make me change my mind on that I can tell you.

We've been tipping away working on other things and have managed to cross a few things off the list over the weeks- photographer, videographer, florist, cake (very important), hair and make up for the day, music and accommodation. We have 2 classes of our marriage preparation course left and have to send off the church paper work next month so all is good on that front I think. It's the pretty stuff I have to figure now :-)
In case anyone is interested we are taking the marriage prep at St. Basils in Toronto. The course is a new programme for them and so far has been ok. Neither of us knew what to expect from it and have been happy with how it is going. In terms of relevance the course is based more around faith in the church and our relationship with it and each other, more than everyday aspects of live. I want to be able to say that I feel we have taken something from the course so far but to be honest it has not brought anything up that myself and J haven't already discussed or been through. I suppose that in itself is something good to take away...right!! (in saying that we do not for one minute think we have it all figured out by any stretch of the imagination)
We both kinda said if a couple had gotten this far and not discussed these things then maybe they shouldn't be getting married. I suppose that's the point of the the course though right?!

But anyway back to the pretty stuff....

I'm looking at these super cute seeded invitations. Have you seen them? Has anyone had any experience with them? I'd be really interested in hearing your feedback.
Disclaimer: For some reason I am not able to add pictures today but if you wanna pop over to my Pinterest page you can check out the prettiness for yourselves.

I know I've been lacking on the Gluten Free baking lately apologies, once the big stuff is outa the way I hope to get back to some form of normal service.

Have a great week

Michelle xxx


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