A Full Irish Please...

In Ireland the ingredients of a full Irish breakfast vary depending on where you live in the country and your household. For example my family never have mushrooms or baked beans with our breakfast but J's family have mushrooms, beans and fried potatoes with theirs.
Traditionally the most common ingredients are bacon rashers, sausages, fried eggs, white pudding, black puddingSoda Bread and fried tomato. Sometimes it included liver although not so much anymore.  And no breakfast is complete without a pot of Tea. The brand of Tea again depends where in the country your from. In my house it's Lyons tea without fail. But you guys know that already, I've spoken about the Lyon's awesomeness  here before.

 One of the things we've missed most here on our breaky is the pudding. You can get blood sausage, but I'm not a big fan. And then I have to contend with the gluten element so I decided to try making my own. I used this recipe from Local Food Heroes to start and adapted it slightly.

395gm/1.5 cups finely mince pork
265gm/1 cup Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats
250ml Water
30gm/2 tbsp Onion Powder
23gm/1.5 tbsp Potato Flour
15gm/1tbsp Salt
23gm/1.5tbsp Seasoning Mix - see below

Seasoning Mix

5gm/1tsp White pepper
5gm/1tsp Ground coriander
5gm/1tsp Ground ginger
5gm/1tsp Powdered sage
3gm/ 1/2tsp Mace
3gm/ 1/2tsp Nutmeg
2gm/ 1/4 tsp Allspice

Soak the oats in the water for 1 hour or so. 
Combine the Seasoning Mix ingredients together and mix well. Store remainder for your next batch in an air tight container.

In a large bowl combine the meat, onion powder, potato flour
and salt together. Add one and a half tablespoons of the seasoning mix and mix well. I like to use my hands to squish up the meat and make sure all the seasonings get incorporated. 

Now the original recipe calls for pig's casings at this point but I couldn't source them so I improvised. I rolled some of the mixture into a log shape and wrapped it tightly in clingfilm.

Next you want to steam the pudding log between 75°C and 80°C for 1 minute per mm of width of the log. For the one above I steamed it for about 15 minutes.The final internal temperature of the log should be 72°C. Hold at this temperature for 2 minutes then cool in ice cold water bath.
To eat, slice into 5 - 10mm chucks and fry until brown.
Now that's a breaky to wake up to on a cold Sunday morning.
Michelle xxx
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