Clean 9 Meal Inspiration...

So as I told you guys before I'm on a mission to do better in my life, and part of that included setting up Forever Living Gluten Free, a store dedicated to the Gluten Free range of aloe vera wellness products.
The Clean 9 and Vital 5 weight management  systems call for eating healthily and supporting your system with the aloe nutrients. Myself and J have really been a funk lately and with the wedding coming up we realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy need to snap ourselves out of it so we are starting the Clean 9 detox on Monday.
Part of the Clean 9 involves having evening meals of no more than 600 calories so I've been doing some research and these are some of the recipes I'm gonna try out over the week.

This recipe has 454 calories. I'll be changing out the pasta for a gluten free version.

Can you believe there is only 296 calories is this plate of deliciousness. Serve it with a side of couscous from Everyday Meals and your done!

Mushroom pasta is one of my fav pasta dishes much to J's distaste (he is not a fan of pasta dishes at all) and this one is only 345 cal. I'd be changing out the pasta again for a gluten free one.
No pasta dish is complete without garlic bread though but coming in, in some instances at over 300 calories a new version is obviously required so I plan to use Toufayan Low Carb Pitas (100 calories) with a drizzle of olive oil  (2 tsp is about 80 calories) and a nice rubbing of garlic. Where is the sacrifice in that I ask you?
Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken
And just look at this slow cooker dish from the lady behind the curtain with only 302 calories with rice. We have no excuses....
We're really looking forward to getting started and hope if brings the boost we're looking for. We'd love if you could check out our little venture and should you have any questions feel free to drop us a line.
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Have a great weekend every one!!
Michelle xxx


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